Issue 215 - 19 June 2020 (gestalt, typography, ux, seo, analytics)

Issue 215 - What You Need to Know About Gestalt Principle

Links of The Week ending 19 June 2020

What You Need to Know About Gestalt Principle

Color Craft & Counterpoint: A Designer’s Life with Color Vision Deficiency

The Need for Speed, 23 Years Later Summary: In spite of an increase in Internet speed, webpage speeds have not improved over time.

Design and Anatomy of a Push Notification 2020

10 Insights from Apple’s Human Interface Design Guidelines

The Only SEO Checklist You Will Need in 2020: 41 Best Practices

Visualizing The SEO Engagement Trap – How To Use Behavior Flow In Google Analytics To View User Frustration [Case Study]

The Effect of Typography on User Experience and Conversions

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