Issue 208 - 1 May 2020 (times, new, arial, typography, fonts, hicks, law, ux, ucd, ghibli, beastie boys)

Issue 208 - Times New Arial

Links of The Week ending 1 May 2020

Times New Arial mutates familiar fonts into something wholly new

This Studio Ghibli-inspired ad encourages Australians to donate data to kids

Studio Ghibli backgrounds (for your Zoom meetings) 😲

How using a CDN is better for people and the planet.

Rapid Image Layers Animation

Hick’s Law — Do you know the law that makes or breaks a UX designer?

This self-destructing website needs your help

Dark mode and variable fonts

and finally...

Beastie Boys Promise To Put Out 'Hot Sauce Committee Part I' — If They Can Find It 🎤

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