Issue 198 - 21 February 2020 (typography, fonts, mexican, pulp, art, accessibility, neumorphism, vue, xstate, ui)

Issue 198 - Unapologetic Typography

Links of The Week ending 21 February 2020

Unapologetically surprising, Marion Bisserier’s typeface tackles female representation in type - via It's Nice That

Attack of the B-Pictures: Bold, Brilliant and Bizarre Mexican Pulp Art

Using State Machines in Vue.js with XState / Generate Soft-UI Neumorphism CSS code

Neumorphism: can we make it more accessible? 2020’s hottest UI trend meets practicality.

Neumorphism in user interfaces

How to beat overthinking as a designer

Designers with these 3 skills work better with developers

Durex now has its own typeface. Let’s just say it gets the job done

Matthias van Arkel - Fonts In Use

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