Issue 187 - 6 December 2019 (2020, UX, trends, google, street, art, tesla, dns)

Issue 187 - Nao Tatsumi Illustration - Google Street View Art

Links of The Week ending 6 December 2020

Nao Tatsumi Illustration - Google Street View Art

The Third Generation of Interfaces by Dzianis Pomazau
No user interface.
No apps.
Base on user’s circumstances.
Intelligent operating system.
Devices that can hear and see you.

UX trends for 2020: looking at the big picture (a holistic analysis of UX Design as a discipline.) Full report: The State of UX in 2020

Tesla Cybertruck: industrial design & anti-styling. Industrial Design vs. Product Design in the era of the Cybertruck, Generative Design, the resurgence of Brutalism and Instagram.

13 Design Patterns for Autocomplete Suggestions (27% Get it Wrong)

New Skeuomorphism! What’s the next UI design trend?

A fun and colorful explanation of how DNS works

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