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Issue 52 - 12 May 2017 (typeset, entrepreneurship, login vs signup, sketching)

# Links of The Week ending 12 May 2017

Issue 52

Weird Words; Typeset

Design with a growth mindset. What is growth mindset?

<a href="https://medium.com/hi-my-name-is-jon/the-best-part-of-my-day-is-drinking-tea-and-reading-714e9574e02e"">Entrepreneurship; The best part of my day is drinking tea and reading

<a href="http://inspr.co/2017/05/03/login-vs-signup/"">Login Vs signup. Why is the “log in” button always hidden so good? And why does it bother me so much?

The Only Tools You Need To Start Sketching Today - Including Recommendations

#typeset #entrepreneurship #login vs signup #sketching

Links of The Week is art, typography, design thinking, innovation, creativity and other related Internet findings

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